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Our Data Protection Statement
Important things you need to know.

How we use your personal information
This explains how we collect, use and store your personal information. This includes any personal information given to us about other people named on the entry form.
You can read this information in a PDF. Click here to download
We want you to be confident about how we use your personal information. As an information controller we take the responsibilities for the security and management of your personal information seriously.

Who we are and how to contact us.
Events are organised by member groups of Boundless by CSMA
This website is run by the Secretary of the North East London Group with assistance from the Motorsports Group leader.
Each event organiser/ Entries Secretary has oversight of your information, as entered onto the entry form. Organisers have no direct access to stored personal data other than their own, and the event entry information for the events they organise.

If you have any questions about how we process your personal information you can contact the individual event organisers as shown in the event details, and listed in the event regulations as the Entries Secretary or Event Organiser. You can also contact the systems administrator Click here to eMail the System Administrator
Information We Collect
We only ask for information that we need, and have strict controls to keep it safe. We collect your personal information to run our events in accordance with the organising club and its governing bodies. Personal information we collect will be held in digital and / or paper files.
We collect personal information such as name, address,contact phone numbers
We collect personal information about everybody named on your entry form when you: How we use and share your personal information
The personal information we ask for will be solely used by us and not made available to third parties
We'll process personal information for our legitimate interests, when we have a valid reason to do so. If we need your consent to process personal information we'll ask for this first. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Payment Card Details
We use a secure payment processor for all card payments.
When a payment is processed we receive a unique transaction code which we store as a record of the transaction.

Regulatory Bodies
Your personal information may be disclosed if required by regulators to cooperate with any inquiry following any incident in which you were involved at an event, should an incident requiring reporting to a governing body occur.

Public Information
Entry lists where they exist, are either publicly available, or restricted to those who have already entered that event. Entry lists show minimal information, typically only entrant name, classes entered, running number, brief vehicle details.

Data Storage
The website and all data is stores in secure locations withinn the UK.
No data is transferred outside of the UK, nor is it shared with any third party other than regulatory bodies as previously identified. Data Retention
Historical Event information, including entry lists and results are kept on the system for between 4 and 7 years and may be viewed by selecting show past events, otherwise they will not be publicly visible after 12 months.
Entry forms are never publicly viewable.

Your Personal Information Rights
The GDPR provides a number of rights to you in regards to any personal data you provided, for information on this please click on the link below: You may review, amend or delete any information held in your profile by logging on and going to the 'My Account' tab. There you can access your stored details.
NB this will not affect details stored relating to past events. We'll only send you information about the event you entered, and at your option advise you of future events in the same category.

Your right to make a complaint
If you have a complaint about the way we process your personal data please contact us. Click here to eMail the System Administrator If your complaint cannot be resolved,
You can raise your complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office on 0303 123 1113 or visit

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Autotest (Grass)
Autotest (Tarmac)
09 May 23    National Karting Whilton Mill rounds 3 & 4 17 / 22  Closed 
19 Jun 23    National Karting Ellough Park rounds 5 & 6 17 / 20  Closed 
10 Jul 23    North London Karting Rye House Rounds 7 & 8 19 / 40  Closed 
17 Aug 23    National Karting North Pickenham evening kartin 12 / 14  Closed 
05 Sep 23    National Karting N Pickenham rounds 9 & 10 13 / 14  Closed 
09 Oct 23    North London Karting Rye House Rounds 11 & 12 19 / 40  Closed 
08 Nov 23    National Karting Buckmore Park 14 / 18  Closed 
25 Mar 24    North London Karting Rye House Rounds 1 & 28 / 40  Enter